Keeping Weeds Out of Your Garden

When it comes to your garden, one of the tasks you will have to do regularly is weeding.  Wherever you have plants, you are going to have weeds right there beside them.  As much as you use herbicides, pesticides, and fabrics, keeping weeds out of your garden is still a big chore.  As a last resort, you can yank those pesky weeds out by hand.  Pulling them out by hand is one of the better ways to make sure that they don’t come back.  Here are some tips on getting rid of weeds.

How to Pull Out Weeds

The easiest way to pull out weeds is to grab it by the base as close to the soil as you can get and give it a yank.  This way, it doesn’t leave the roots behind to start growing again.  There are tools you can to help you get the weeds out.  Using a forked tool to loosen the soil around the weed will make it easier to pull out.  Bear in mind as well that if you leave weeds to grow, they become even harder to pull out.  Try and wet the soil with a watering can around the weed to loosen up the soil and make them easier to pull out.

Weed When it is Cooler

You will be more inclined to weed your garden regularly if you do it when it is comfortable outside.  Weeding at high noon when the sun is hottest is probably not a lot of fun.  If you’re a morning person, then you can weed in the morning before the sun gets too warm.  If you prefer to weed later in the day, then give it a try in the early evening when it is cooler.  You can take the weeds that you have yanked out and add them to your compost pile to help improve your garden later on.

Regular Weeding Lets You Keep an Eye on Your Garden

When you pull weeds out by hand, you get a closer look at all of your other plants.  You can find problems and nip them in the bud (pardon the pun).  You can see if you have any insect infestations if wildlife has taken a bite or two out of your plants.

If you have a large garden then weeding by hand may get tiring pretty quickly and you may need to look at some methods that will keep the weeds from growing.  Check with your local garden center for a chemical weed killer or ask the staff about some organic solutions to killing weeds you can use.