Planting a Vegetable Garden in Your Backyard

If you are starting a vegetable garden in your backyard, you begin by selecting the area for your garden. After you have picked a place for your vegetable garden, there are some steps to keep in mind for a better vegetable garden. Some of the steps are.

The designing phase of your vegetable garden

In this step, you would need to come up with the best layout for the plants that you will be planting. First, measure the allocated space for your vegetable garden. After that, write down all the plants you would like to grow and roughly sketch an arrangement of where they will all be. Spacing is crucial for plants to grow correctly and produce healthy crops, so you need to make sure that you are allowing enough room for each vegetable that you plant.

The next step would be to evaluate the type of soil you have

Your soil determines the health and growth of your vegetable garden. To ensure that the soil in your new vegetable garden is fertile and healthy enough to grow crops, you need to get it checked. You can go for the cheaper commercial approach by using a soil testing kit found in most garden stores or opt for a testing agency. The latter option would be the better one, as you would be able to get a complete analysis. By getting your soil tested, you would know if it has the nutrients that your plants would need. You would also be able to know which fertilizer to use and if you need to add more humus if it lacks some essential nutrients.

It is imperative that you remember not to over water your plants

You can determine your watering schedule by checking your local weather. If it rains once a week, you don’t need to water them. On the other hand, if you are facing a dry season or a drought, you can use a trickling system to water your plants. This is to ensure the water doesn’t dry up fast and can reach the roots.

Make sure you harvest your crops often and get rid of weeds in your vegetable garden. Check your crops. This is both good for them and an excellent way for you to break a sweat. You will feel relaxed and sweaty after proper harvesting. You not only get to burn some calories but get to eat fresh fruits and vegetables afterward, too.