Selecting the Right Garden Flowers for Your Climate

Looking to spruce up your garden and add beautiful flowers? Great! There are so many options for plants and flowers and choosing the right ones can sometimes be overwhelming. Knowing your climate and what flowers thrive in those conditions will make picking your plants a lot easier. Here is some information on selecting the right garden flowers for your climate.

Dry or Desert Climate

I love cacti, and succulents, their low maintenance, and easy care make them excellent choices for any climate but particularly in desert areas. The desert can be harsh with very little water, and cacti/succulents store water in their leaves to help get them through long spells without water. You can also opt for shrubs like a Chihuahuan Sage or Compact Texas Ranger that offer beautiful lavender flowers.

Temperate Climate

In temperate climates, things can be a bit tricky, since in winter the weather can be well below freezing as it also has moderate summers. There are still options though, like Tulips (who doesn’t love tulips?), Dutch Hyacinths and Daffodils with all of those coming in a wide range of colors and are also very fragrant.

Sub-Tropical Climate

With the sub-tropics seasonal differences being more subtle than other climates, you have some room to work with. Being that your flowers will still need to withstand a lot of sun and humid conditions, there are still great options like Frangipani’s, Bougainvillea’s, and Kaffir Lily’s. A personal favorite of mine is the Bird-of-Paradise being that is an easy, tolerant, and sturdy plant.

Tropical Climate

Slightly different than the sub-tropics, in tropical climates there a lot of direct sun, heavy rainy seasons and humidity. You can plant the sub-tropic options and with other options like; Pentas, Lantana, Moon Flowers, and another personal favorite, the Hibiscus, with all of these coming with different gorgeous colors.

Mountain Climate

In mountainous regions, your flowers are going to need to be able to withstand, high altitudes, dryer air, and possibly strong winds. Flowers that you can plant are Alpine Aster, Bergenias, and Boltonias which all are beautiful and will add value to your garden.

Subarctic Climate

Being one of the harsher of the climates with brutal winters and not so great soil to boot. There are still options like; Willow Herb, Purple Mountain Saxifrage and Northern Monkshood, all of these being native to their landscape and will still give you some color.

Anywhere Flowers

For a bonus, here are some super sturdy power perennials that you can grow pretty much anywhere!

  • Daylily
  • Buddleia
  • Coreopsis
  • Baptisia
  • Russian Sage

Whether you are starting a project or adding to your existing space, there are many options for you to choose from. No matter where you live, you can find amazing flowers to add to your home and garden.